Saturday, October 8, 2011


Our first trip to the Rice Festival was pretty neat. We've never been and just wanted to go check it out and have a family day out.

Jayden had a lot fun of even though his little expressions looked like he was mad. He really didn't know what to think. LOL I promise he wasn't mad.... he was just confused. He really loved those car rides and finally gave us a cute little smile so I know he had fun!!!

Here is part of our day today. Hope you guys enjoy!!
Oh and this first picture is Jayden being entered into the Katy Magazine contest. So cute!

No, he was not mad... not sure what he was thinking though.

See there is that smile!!!

He was really having fun on this car. He thought it was neat!!


This was his first elephant balloon. He was just talking about it while we were on our way to the rides.

Yep... someone always has to walk in front of me. lol

And we ended our afternoon with cute little photos with Daddy and then Mommy!!! :)

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